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Quality Heating & Air Services

Frost Air Services provides a wide range of residential air conditioning and heating services including repairs, maintenance and installations for Tulsa and surrounding communities. We are available 24/7 for emergency calls. Our crew is highly trained and experienced with over 10 years of industry experience and is fully licensed and insured so you can have confidence you are in the best hands.

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HVAC Repairs

Sometimes the first instinct is to avoid calling until you are forced to because your unit has stopped running but we recommend calling as soon as you notice an issue. Often times we are able to catch an issue before it becomes a full system break down and save you the large expense of a large repair or new unit. Maintenance visits are also recommended at least twice a year to ensure we service your unit and inspect it for any issues that could become worse overtime.

HVAC Installs

Looking to replace the old? Ready for a new upgraded HVAC system? We will recommend the best unit and equipment to fit your needs. We service and install all the best brands like Goodman, Rheem and Rudd. Whether you're needing to have your heat pump replaced or air conditioner swapped out for a newer, more efficient one, we can do it with ease. Let our trained and experienced staff install your new heating and cooling system.

HVAC Maintenance

Few home and business owners realize the importance of HVAC maintenance and how it contributes to the lifespan of your unit. Most wait until problems arise before they call in the heating and air experts. By scheduling routine visits for cleaning and inspection, you could end up saving yourself thousands of dollars in the long run! We provide maintenance for all brands! Save money on your unit's repairs by using Frost Air Services' preventative maintenance. Let our technicians recommend a maintenance routine for you today.

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